Adtech/Spirent Smartbits SMB-2000 20 Channel Mainframe

Adtech/Spirent Smartbits SMB-2000 20 Channel Mainframe
Manufacturer: Adtech / Spirent
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Adtech/Spirent Smartbits SMB-2000 20 Channel Mainframe


Adtech/Spirent Smartbits SMB-2000 20 Channel Mainframe

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Includes 20 ML-7710 Ethernet Cards

   Spirent Communications¿ SmartBits 2000 (SMB-2000) has become the industry standard for measuring the performance limits of everything from an emerging technology in a development lab to the largest enterprise network. The SMB-2000 is widely used to test a variety of network devices and complex network configurations, including 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, ATM, and Frame Relay.

   Each SMB-2000 chassis can be configured with any combination of up to 20 single-port SmartCards. SMB-2000 test systems are completely scaleable and may be grouped to support 640 ports with local or remote control over the Internet.

The SMB-2000 is Designed for:

  • Network Equipment Manufacturers: Perform comprehensive performance analysis for engineering, production, and QA testing.
  • Evaluation Labs: Test and certify different devices from various manufacturers to benchmark their performance.
  • Telcos and ISPs: Perform end-to-end testing to check for trouble spots and weaknesses.
  • Enterprise Users: Test end-to-end performance to monitor throughput and prevent overload.

SMB-2000 Features

  • Accommodates a comprehensive set of powerful, technology-based SmartCards for Ethernet, ATM, and Frame Relay.
  • Bundled with three PC-based software applications for comprehensive performance analysis (SmartWindow¿, SmartLib¿, and SmartApplications¿).
  • Supports a 10 Mbps Ethernet connection to a host PC. Provides remote control through the Internet. Can also be controlled via an RS-232 port.
  • Provides GPS Support. You can remotely synchronize the timing mechanism of multiple chassis by using the external GPS kit. This allows accurate measurement of one-way latency and jitter, 100-ns accuracy time stamps, and system start/stop.
  • One workstation can control up to eight SmartBits stacks (32 chassis with a total of 640 ports) via SmartLib.
  • Multiple users can simultaneously access the SMB-2000.
  • Includes RJ-45 expansion-in and expansion-out jacks.
  • Accepts external 10 MHz clock signals.
  • Up to 512 chassis can be synchronously connected by using SmartBits multi-chassis extension units.

Supported Applications

  • AST II¿
  • SmartApplications¿
  • SmartCableModem Test ¿
  • SmartFlow¿
  • SmartLib¿ Programming Library
  • SmartMulticastIP¿
  • SmartSignaling¿
  • SmartTCP¿
  • SmartVoIPQoS¿
  • SmartWindow¿
  • SmartxDSL¿
  • Turn Up Connect¿
  • VAST¿