Acterna/WG IUM-10 ISDN U Interface Monitor

Acterna/WG IUM-10 ISDN U Interface Monitor
Manufacturer: JDSU/Acterna/TTC /WG
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Acterna/WG IUM-10 ISDN U Interface Monitor

A small portable low cost ISDN Monitor. Enables rapid in service testing of ISDN lines for basic operational and line status checks.


  • Preserves your investments
  • Reduces your maintenance costs
  • Allows you to monitor the physical layer on a line in service
  • Usable in standalone mode thanks to its LEDs
  • Makes the protocol analysis possible whatever the ISDN configuration
  • Maintenance of ISDN installations
  • Installation/Maintenance of ISDN equipment
  • Monitoring of layer 1 problems
  • Troubleshooting from a remote site
  • Voice quality checking
  • Connection of any ISDN analyzer to the U interface (2B1Q)
  • Direct LED indication of the main layer 1 events; decoding of EOC commands (NT1 loops)
  • CRC error detection for each direction of transmission with indication of the direction and the position of the errors
  • Indication of activation for each end of the line (NT1 and LT) and detection of remote power feeding and sealing current
  • Listening of the B channels using an external handset; transparency as regards remote power supply and EOC commands