Acterna ANT-20SE OC-192 Test Set

Acterna ANT-20SE OC-192 Test Set
Manufacturer: JDSU/Acterna/TTC /WG
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Acterna ANT-20SE OC-192 Test Set 

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With four free slots, the Acterna ANT-20se Advanced Network Tester has the most unique feature allowing for the combination and parallel function of all bit rates up to STM-16/OC-48 with jitter and wander up to 2.5 Gbps and ATM in a single unit.

  • Multi-rate transmission testing from DS1 to OC-192c and E1 to STM-64c. 
  • Modular platform offering SONET, DSn, SDH, and ATM capabilities. 
  • Large color touch screen display. 
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use user interface. 
  • Flexible integration into lab or manufacturing test environments. 
  • Modular hardware and software concept. Portable mainframe.

Options installed in this unit

Instrument Version : ANT-20 3035/22
Edition : 3060/28 ANT-10Gig SONET
Existing Options
3035/90.01 Mapping C12
3035/90.02 34 Mbps in C3 Mapping
3035/90.03 Mapping C4
3035/90.04 Mapping C11
3035/90.05 45 Mbps in C3 Mapping
3035/90.06 Mapping C2
3035/90.10 Mapping VT1.5 SPE
3035/90.11 Mapping VT6 SPE
3035/90.12 DS3 in STS-1 SPE Mapping
3035/90.13 E1 in VT2 SPE Mapping
3035/90.15 Extended Overhead Analysis
3035/90.20 Drop & Insert
3035/90.30 PDH Mux/Demux 64/140M
3035/90.32 Mux/Demux M13
3035/90.33 Bit Error Test 2/8/34/140 Mbps
3035/90.34 Bit Error Test 1,5/45 Mbps
3035/90.48 Optics STM-1/4, OC-1/3/12, 1310&1550
3035/90.90 OC-12c/STM-4c BERT
3035/90.93 OC-48c/STM-4c BERT
3035/90.94 OC-192c/STM64c BERT
3035/91.45 Optics STM-64, OC-192 Generator/Analyzer 1550nm
3035/91.59 New STM-16 1310 / 1550
3035/95.90 Test Sequencer
Optics STM-1/4
Jittermodule for DS-1 to STM-4/OC-12
not installed
Jittermodule for STM-16/OC-48
not installed