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High Quality Calibration And Repair Services


When Quality Counts, Rely on US for your Calibration and Repair Needs


 US Instrument Services is proud to offer our high quality calibration and repair services. We calibrate and service most major manufacturers of test equipment.


We are also specialists in obscure and obsolete equipment.  Also equipment that was made by manufacturers that are out of business or no longer supported by the manufacturer. 

Pricing is reasonable and turnaround can be very fast when scheduled in advance. In some instances on site and weekend calibrations may be available. Please contact US for quality and fast turn times. Many customers use our services as they can get a fast 1-2 day turnaround when scheduled versus 4-8 weeks from the manufacturer. And at a lower cost in most cases. Our laboratory is NIST traceable. If you are ISO9000 accredited or thinking about it you will need calibration services. If not it still makes good sense. One company here serviced fire alarm systems. Their primary multimeter was 50% low on the range they used the most. It was damaged and they did not know it. This could have resulted in a loss of life. Calibration is important. Calibration raises your quality and eliminates disputes with customers. Some of our customers have had all of their work rejected until their equipment had a traceable calibration certificate. This cost often far exceeds the cost of the calibration.


How do I get a calibration quote for my instrument?


It's easy! Just contact US using the form below. 


How does the process work?


Contact US for a calibration quote. Please list the manufacturer, model and any installed options as these may affect the price. We will also need a contact person from your company. We will study what will be required and return you a fixed price calibration quote that includes ground return shipping. 


What if my unit fails calibration?


The quoted price is for a routine calibration only. If it does not pass calibration some of the options are


  • Return unrepaired

  • Return with a limited calibration on the affected ranges if approved by the customer first

  • Try to adjust into tolerance

  • Develop a repair strategy

  • Replace it with a similar unit 


All pricing is provided to the customer in advance for approval. There will be no surprises by US.


Calibration is not a repair 


Calibration is only a verification of a working unit. To be calibrated an instrument must be working and and close to the manufacturers specifications. If major errors are noted during use calibration may not fix the problem. Calibration is primarily a verification of an already working instrument.


My instrument is broken


It is a sad fact of life that instruments do not run forever. Most will need some form of maintenance over the course of their useful life. The good news is that we can help. Put our knowledge to work for you. Our years and years of experience is just a phone call away. Contact us for an initial evaluation of the prospects for repair. If it looks possible we will have to get it into our laboratory for a more detailed evaluation. Due the the varying nature of repairs a custom repair quote will be tailored for your instrument. That repair quote will be forwarded to you for approval before any repair work is started. 


Get a second opinion before a Expensive Factory Flat Rate Standard Repair


Many of our customers send it to US first for a second opinion. Sometimes what appears to be a major problem may be a fuse or operator error. Expensive factory flat rate repairs can be in the thousands of dollars. We saved one customer $10,000 on a standard repair. Many major companies rely on our expertise in saving them money.


What are your repair costs?


Our repair cost are based upon time and materials. The repair cost may be based on new or used parts depending upon availability and age of the unit. If the repair cost is declined a small repair evaluation fee is charged. This cost varies with the with the complexity of the unit and ranges from $50 for a small hand held item to $250 for an large and difficult item. Once again this is only charged if the quoted repair is declined. If the repair proceeds no additional charges are added. Ground shipping is included by US in the repair price.The best way is to contact us and we will be happy to help you. . 


Parts, Parts and Parts


The sad news is that many major manufacturers are limiting the support for older products. This places several challenges on repairing older test equipment. We have many older instruments in stock for parts. In addition we have developed many additional sources as needed. Put our expertise to work for you.


How do I contact you?


Please call or fill out our web form.     


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