7/16 Din Adapter Kit

7/16 Din Adapter Kit
Manufacturer: RF Industries
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RF Industries RFA-4013 7/16 Din Adapter Kit


RF Industries RFA-4013 7/16 Din Adapter Kit

  Adapter kit by RF Industries. The RFA-4013 7/16 Din Adapter Kit includes all the popular connectors to adapt 7/16 connectors to type N connectors. Perfect for Anritsu Sitemaster users to adapt 7/16 Din to Anritsu Sitemaster N connectors.


  • RFD-1652-2   7-16 DIN Male to 7-16 DIN Female adapter
  • RFD-1652-3   7-16 DIN Female to 7-16 DIN Female adapter
  • RFD-1670-2   7-16 DIN Male to N Male adapter
  • RFD-1671-2   7-16 DIN Male to N Female adapter
  • RFD-1672-2   7-16 DIN Female to N Male adapter
  • RFD-1673-2   7-16 DIN N female to N Female adapter

   Technicians in the cellular, PCS, GPS and digital communication fields are finding more requirements for this connector interface. For cellular communcations, the 7-16 DIN offers technical advantages over the N or SMA connector interface. Capable of carrying high power at high frequencies, 7-16 DINs are larger, more precise and offer more stable electrical and mechanical connections with improved VSWR performance. The RFA-4013 adapter kit offers a convenient means to bridge type N devices to 7-16 DIN interfaces on the test bench and in the field. All adapters are made in the U.S. of machined brass with Teflon dielectrics and silver-plated bodies for improved intermodulation performance. All contacts in this series are silver plated as well. This 6 piece kit contains one each of the adapters listed above. The adapters are conveniently stored in die-cut foam within a compact zippered leatherette case.