3Z Telecom RFA-1000 GPS Antenna Alignment Tool (AAT)

3Z Telecom RFA-1000 GPS Antenna Alignment Tool (AAT)
Manufacturer: 3Z Telecom
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3Z Telecom RFA1000 GPS Antenna Alignment Tool (AAT)

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Approved by AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular for their towers

   The 3Z RF Aligner is the most compact GPS Antenna Alignment Tool in the industry. It incorporates GPS Technology to calculate precise Azimuth, Tilt, Roll, and AGL measurements for a multitude of directional antenna systems. Our universal antenna mounting system is used for quick antenna attachment and release. The 3Z RF Aligner is user friendly and easy to transport up any tower. Save all your antenna installation measurements for recordkeeping and reporting, easily accessible over USB.

Tower Crews

   Designed with the tower technician in mind. The 3Z RF Aligner easily attached to virtually any Directional Antenna and comes with an easy to read 4.3 inch Built-in Color LCD Display. Screenshots save measurements in Seconds.

RF Engineers

   The 3Z RF Aligner was designed for RF Engineers as well. During site inspections, site troubleshooting, and new site design most RF Engineers carry a compass, GPS, and a range finder. The 3Z RF Aligner replaces all these devices, making field visits a breeze.

No Software Required

   The 3Z RF Aligner does not require any post processing software for reporting purposes. The user simply takes a screen shot of the measurement as proof of proper antenna installation. On each screen shot the user can see, azimuth, target azimuth, delta from target, Latitude, Longitude, Height (AML or AGL), time, date, site name, sector name, and antenna position. The screen shots are later retrieved via USB, similar to retrieving pictures from a digital camera.

Secure Reports

   All reports/screenshots saved by the 3Z RF Aligner are uniquely encoded to ensure files have not been tampered with. To validate, a user simply clicks on the link below and uploads the files in questions, the user will get a message stating if the file is valid or not valid.

Available Warranty Options

Warranty IDWarranty DescriptionYear(s)Price
RFAW1 Warranty on all Parts/Labor/Calibration/Physical Damage/Battery 1 $895.00
RFAW3 Warranty on all Parts/Labor/Calibration/Physical Damage/Battery 3 $1,790.00
RFAW5 Warranty on all Parts/Labor/Calibration/Physical Damage/Battery 5 $2,685.00