Convex 806 Portable Basic TIMS Test Set

Convex 806 Portable Basic TIMS Test Set
Manufacturer: Convex


New Convex 806 Portable Basic TIMS Test Set


New Convex 806 Portable Basic TIMS Test Set

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   The Convex 806 TTS, Transmission Test Set is a basic communications instrument. It measures LEVEL, NOISE, NOISE-with-TONE, SIGNAL / NOISE RATIO, NOISE-to-GROUND, and FREQUENCY in accordance with IEEE (Telecommunications) Standard 743-1995. It has the basic features needed to troubleshoot, characterize and qualify transmission facilities for services ranging from Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) to HDSL. It is packaged in compact portable and rack mounted versions. Metal construction permits heavy use. The 806 is accurate, rugged and economical.CONTROLS Front panel controls are simple and utilize large bright LED displays and indicators which are grouped for ease of use. The 806 also comes with software that runs under DOS, Windows, or Windows 95. The PC communicates with the test set through an RS-232 Port which is located on the side or rear of the test set. The LEVEL and FREQUENCY measurements operate from 20 Hz to 300 kHz. LEVEL and NOISE readings are fully auto-ranged over a 100 dB dynamic range. LEVEL is measured in dBm (power relative to 1 milliwatt). NOISE is measured in dBrn (power relative to 1 picowatt) or dBm.

   Noise is measured with one of eight weighting filters. Noise-to-ground (or Power Influence) is measured directly using standard test leads. A 1010 Hz Notch Filter is provided to measure NOISE-with-TONE, Signal to Noise Ratio, or Signal to Total Distortion Ratio.

Filter Application
  • C MSG POTS Voice Traffic
  • D filter POTS modem or fax
  • 3.4 kHz POTS power line / ringing interference
  • 15 kHz POTS Level, Noise / Program Noise
  • 1010 Notch POTS S/N Ratio / Noise, S/N on PCM
  • E Filter ISDN (DSL) Level and Noise / DDS
  • F Filter HDSL Level and Noise, S/N Ratio
  • 200 kHz ISDN (DSL) and DDS Level, Attn. Dist.
  • 500 kHz HDSL Level, Attenuation Distortion


   The D Filter passes 300 to 3,400 Hz so as to approximate the transmission spectrum of a V.34 Modem. The E Filter passes 1 to 50 kHz so as to approximate the filters used in ISDN (DSL) Terminal Units. The E Filter replaces the 50 kBit Filter. The F Filter passes 5 to 245 kHz so as to approximate the bandwidth of HDSL Units. The Portable 806 includes a rechargeable battery and padded field case. The battery powers the test set for 8 hours and can be recharged while in operation. The field case has a pocket which includes the following accessories: two miniature phone plug / clip test leads, an Operating Manual and AC Power Cord. The Rack Mounted 806R has the I/O brought out on jacks on the front panel and spade lugs on the rear panel. 230 VAC, -24 or -48 VDC Power Options are available.