Avo/Megger InterroGatr 10T1 Handheld Portable T1 Test Set

Avo/Megger InterroGatr 10T1 Handheld Portable T1 Test Set
Manufacturer: Biddle / AVO
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Avo/Megger InterroGatr 10T1 Handheld Portable T1 Test Set


Avo/Megger InterroGatr 10T1 Handheld Portable T1 Test Set

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   The Megger InterroGatr 10T1 are compact, feature packed T1 handheld test sets that can be used for in-service or out-of-service testing. They have been designed to evaluate the integrity, configuration and performance of a T1 facility by locating complete failures in a transmission line or a piece of equipment, verifying network performance, isolating faulty DTE or DCE and determining faulty transmission channels. Complete end-to-end testing may be performed at any point in the span by utilizing industry standard loop codes. The units may be used at the DSX-1 cross connect jack panel, bridged onto the span or can be a substitute for transmission equipment for real world testing.

  The Megger InterroGatr 10T1 provides approximately 8 hours of continuous testing. It measures DS1 and DS0 level and frequency, with the DS1 level displayed in either dBDSX or in volts. Receive channel data bits and signaling bits are quickly viewed on the front panel display. Voice can be monitored using the internal speaker or headset and a VF drop with volume control to a speaker or headset is provided for use in noisy environments. Since the units receiver is always in evaluate mode and is completely independent of the transmitter, the InterroGatr 10T1 will tell you, prior to testing, how the span is provisioned and immediately start diagnosing problems.


  • Transmits standard and HDSL T1 loop codes
  • Performs Bit Error Rate Testing (BERT)
  • Measures DS1 level and frequency in volts and dB
  • Detects timing problems, such as clock slips
  • Measures DS0 level and frequency
  • Determines T1 framing and BERT patterns of the incoming signal
  • Automatically configures itself to the received frame, BERT pattern and line coding of the incoming signal
  • Displays DS0 data and signaling
  • Indicates standard T1 alarms
  • Displays major T1 performance parameters


   Telco Installation and Maintenance personnel of Private Networks and Service Providers who are responsible for turning-up and maintaining their DS1 and HDSL/2 spans are perfect candidates for the MEGGER InterroGatr 10T1 and 20T1. The units are also used by end-users (ISPs and VPN) who lease lines from the telco to verify performance and aid in troubleshooting when problems arise. Cellular providers who need to measure network delays associated with cellular service would also use the InterroGatr 20T1. The units durable construction and long battery life is suited for applications in a hostile environment such as in a manhole or on a telephone pole.


  • Intuitive, user friendly interface. There are no buried menus or parameters to confuse the operator.
  • Its small size allows the unit to be unobtrusively clipped to a belt for use up a utility pole, down a manhole, or just about anywhere else you might need to test.
  • A full work shift of testing can be performed by the long lasting and rechargeable NiMH batteries. A full recharge typically takes 4 to 6 hours on fully drained battery.