Andrew ATC200-Lite-USB

Andrew ATC200-Lite-USB
Manufacturer: Grayson Wireless/Andrew
Andrew ATC200-Lite-USB


Andrew ATC200-Lite-USB

The ATC200-LITE-USB controller serves as an interface between a local PC and remote electrical downtilt (RET) devices installed at a base station site.

   This unit can individually manage up to 32 RET devices with the use of multiple junction boxes. Both a USB and an RS-232 serial cable are included with this unit. With these options, the ATC200-LITE-USB controller can connect directly to a local PC through its USB or COM port for local access and operations. The AISG output port connects to the main AISG feeder cable to send control commands to RET devices. This controller is equipped with LEDs on the front panel which indicates that input power, output power, and data communication are present. The ATC200-LITE-USB controller supports AISG 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0 actuators even in a mixed tree environment. This unit is designed for portable indoor use. 

The ATC200-LITE-USB controller supports:

  • Andrew Teletilt devices with the ATC Lite software
  • COBRA RET devices with COBRA software


  • Carried from site to site for RET antenna setup and optimization
  • Supports up to 32 RET actuators operating in a mix of AISG modes
  • LED display indicates the presence of input power, output power, and data communication
  • Equipped with USB and serial connectors
  • Power supply efficiency is Energy StarĀ® Level IV rated.