Ameritec AM5XT Voice/Data Transmission Test Set

Ameritec AM5XT Voice/Data Transmission Test Set
Manufacturer: Ameritec
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Ameritec AM5XT Voice/Data Transmission Test Set


Ameritec AM5XT Voice/Data Transmission Test Set

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Measures to 120 kHz. For a 200 kHz bandwidth please see the AM5XT-200

  Ameritec's AM5XT series of Wideband Transmission Test Sets are engineered for peak performance in the field and the lab. They offer a full range of transmission impairment measurements, a highly versatile signal generator and basic telephone signaling in a single compact, portable unit.

   The Ameritec AM5XT Wideband transmission test set designed for use in the field and lab. Performs qualification tests on circuits carrying voice band, HDSL, high quality audio, DDS to 64kbps, Basic Rate ISDN and other services using up to 120kHz bandwidth. This model meets North American IEEE 743-1984 standards. Measurement Capabilities Include: dBm level or dB loss Frequency & Frequency Response (Attenuation Distortion) Noise & Noise w/tone (Wideband or with Filters) Signal/Boise Ratio (wideband or with Filters) Noise to Ground (Wideband or with Filters) Impulse Noise (Wideband or with Filters) Phase or Amplitude Jitter Group and Envelope Delay 2- and 4-wire Return Loss

Ease of Operation/Store and Recall

   The front panel is arranged as a 5 x 16 push button matrix which allows simple control of all line, send, measure, auxiliary and signaling functions and still allows the operator to view the units configuration at a glance. No need to scroll or hunt through confusing menus. For simplicity of operation, up to 40 test set-ups can be stored in non-volatile memory for instant recall. The complete test set-up is always displayed, but operation is simplified to a few keystrokes. When using a pair of AM5XT series units, the local unit can exercise remote control over the distant unit through test set-up recall commands issued over the line under test. An extensive Help Directory in memory can be viewed or printed via the optional RS232 port.

Audio Monitor and Speaker Phone

   The built-in speaker allows the operator to audibly monitor either the send or receive line under test. A built-in microphone provides Speaker Phone or Push to Talk operation over the line under test.

Field, Lab or System Use

   The units fit anywhere. Use the basic unit as a bench top laboratory instrument, or, with the addition of internal sealed lead acid battery pack and soft case, as a highly compact field instrument. Battery capacity provides for up to eight hours of uninterrupted use between charges. If your application dictates, add the optional rack mounting kit and RS232 remote control port and integrate it into a system for network testing.

A Wide Variety of Measurements

  The Ameritech AM5XT series performs all common voice/data analog transmission tests. All measurements are fully auto-ranging and may either be viewed on the bright LED display or output to a printer.

Built-In Signaling

   The Ameritech AM5XT series units are unique among most transmission test sets in that they provide basic loop start line signaling. They include separate On Hook/Off Hook DC Hold Circuits for Send and Receive Line and the ability to signal using Dial Pulse, DTMF or MF(R1). This feature is useful in testing dial-up circuits or in commanding responder devices (such as the Ameritec AM3 Series) on 4 wire dedicated circuits.